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PELL LUCY is an international artist collective founded in 2020. The artists share a belief that form possesses its own intelligence—one that, in the words of Pell Lucy artist Taney Roniger, is “far deeper and more complex than conscious, discursive thought.”


The group has shown work together in nearly 10 shows, in person and online.

Regarding the name:

PELL LUCY is a variation of the word pellucid, a term that implies clarity, viewing, light, transparency, seeing through to something else. The word pell comes from skin or a manuscript on parchment. In other words, an artifact. And Lucy is a variation of the name Lucien, which means light.


“These artworks, channeled through the bodies of their makers, can

shed light on and awaken our own.”

--Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

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